SPONSORSHIPS - Take the Step - A Job Skills Event

September 12, 2018 @ 10:00AM — 6:00PM

Helping our neighbors identify barriers to employment and connecting them to the agencies that can help.

SPONSORSHIPS - Take the Step - A Job Skills Event image

Support Take the Step and help our neighbors connect to more than 30 nonprofit and government organizations.



The Take the Step event was developed by a network of organizations as a unique response to the employment needs assessed during ETHNN's comprehensive community needs assessment (CCNA). The Take the Step event is not a job fair.

The 2016 CCNA data showed that 25% of those interviewed were unemployed. When asked about their reasons for unemployment and what could make a difference for them, they shared:

Top three employment needs:

  1. Computer Skills
  2. Resume Writing
  3. Career and job training


  • Assess barriers to employment.
  • Provide a venue to connect job seekers with providers of employment resources.
  • Facilitate the development of job skills for job seekers that meet the needs of local employers.
  • Stimulate the local economic and employment climate.


  • Decrease employment barriers.
  • Increase employment.
  • Increase employment skills.
  • Increase employment retention.
  • Increase employee wages.